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Advanced Land Holdings T/A: Refuel
Corporate Fleet Account for Station and Mobile Delivery
Terms and Conditions

  1. Refuel will set up a private fleet account for the customer (the “Program”) and offerdiscount pricingsubject to clause “7”.
  2. This account will be visible at refuel.ky by confidential password once the online service is activated. As part of the Program and covered under these same Terms and Conditions the customer will additionally be able to create a login for the Refuel Mobile Delivery Application (the “App”, ( for the avoidance of doubt any use of the “Program” throughout these T&Cs includes the App)). Refuel is not responsible for any loss or damage consequent upon the temporary unavailability or the unlawful hacking of the online service, or unauthorized use of the password.
  3. Customer agrees to keep Customer and Fleet Information on their Program, including but not limited to registered vehicles, and drivers, and card information if applicable, up to date. Please update information as per above in advance of vehicles arriving at the Station. It is the customer’s responsibility to update this information.
  4. Available information visible on the online account is subject to change in the discretion of Refuel.
  5. Specifically for mobile fuel delivery the following applies:
    1. The customer agrees to use the Refuel Mobile Delivery Application, or to schedule a standing order with Refuel.
    2. If a customer does not receive a minimum of 50 US. Gallons of fuel in a scheduled delivery to the customer’s location the customer will be charged a CI$25 delivery fee and the cost will be added to the Customer’s account. If greater than 50 US Gallons is received per delivery, there is no delivery fee.
  6. Refuel may modify, or change any price of any fuel or product before the customer takes possession of said fuel or product when Refuel considers it necessary or appropriate to do so to reflect changes in market conditions or the level of customer demand or to reflect ambiguities or omissions and in all cases in the sole and absolute discretion of Refuel.
  7. The discount pricing will be tiered in accordance with the schedule notified to the customer from time-to-time, and the total savings will be deducted from the account statement on the last day of the month.
  8. Invoices will be due twenty-five (25) days after the last day of the previous month (the “Due Date for Payment”) subject to the credit limit approved from time-to-time for the Customer by Refuel.
  9. The credit limit for a customer will be determined by Refuel from time-to-time in its sole and absolute discretion and may be subject to change at any time.
  10. No fuel will be provided to any customer or any vehicle with Customer’s fleet if Customer is in excess of the credit limit or who is otherwise in breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  11. Interest on any balances outstanding after the Due Date for Payment will be charged at a daily rate of eight percent (8%) per annum.
  12. In combination with “2” & “3” Refuel will use a digital approval and transaction record system to authorize and record all fleet transactions at the point of fueling. Customer agrees to participate in the use of this system at the point of fueling, and agrees to review the information recording a transaction before signing off on the transaction. The Customer agrees that the digital transaction record created above constitutes fully as a receipt and record of the transaction.
  13. If customer chooses to settle transaction, invoices, or otherwise due amounts, by debit or credit card, customer authorizes Refuel to charge customer’s card for the said amount. Refuel is not responsible or liable for any damages or theft that occurs from a customer’s card being improperly used, or information being improperly input by the customer, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure card information is entered correctly, and that the customer is fully authorized to use the card provided.
  14. Refuel is not responsible or liable for any damages or fuel theft or for any disputes among the users of the Customer’s fleet or any of the customer’s authorized users relating to the Program.
  15. The customer is responsible for ensuring the correct product nozzle is inserted into their vehicle fuel tank or otherwise before fueling begins.
  16. Refuel reserves the right to approve, deny or revoke participation in the Program to any customer for any reason whatsoever on an immediate basis and without prior notice.
  17. Refuel may cancel, modify, restrict, waive or terminate any of the Terms & Conditions when it becomes necessary or appropriate to do so or to comply with legal or regulatory requirements or to reflect changes to the nature and extent of the Refuel service having regard to the system’s capabilities, market conditions or the level of customer demand or to reflect ambiguities or omissions and in all cases in the sole and absolute discretion of Refuel. Customer will be notified of any changes via the email address the customer provided at the time of registration. Customer continued participation in the Program constitutes complete acceptance of any changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Program.
  18. The Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as Refuel decides to terminate the Program. Refuel may terminate the Program at any time. Refuel will provide notice of termination via the email address customer provided at the time of registration and such date will become a Due Date for Payment. Upon termination, customer ability to access its account online will end and all outstanding balances will be due and payable and clause “11” will be of application to outstanding balances.
  19. The Customer hereby represents and warrants to Refuel that all information provided to Refuel is complete and accurate and that it is duly incorporated and existing in good standing under the laws of the Cayman Islands and that accepting these Terms and Conditions is within the Customer’s corporate power and that there are not now any pending or threatened actions or proceedings before any court or administrative agency which may materially adversely affect Customer’s solvency, financial conditions and operations and that in the event of any such proceedings Customer will notify Refuel by email forthwith .
  20. The Program will terminate if prohibited by Cayman Islands law and all sums will become immediately due and payable and clause “11” will be of application to the outstanding balances. These terms and conditions set forth all the terms of the Program. Refuel has no other obligation with respect to the Program beyond those described in these Terms and conditions.
  21. Customer can withdraw from the Program at any time on 21 days written notice or by email and by:
    1. Paying all outstanding sums due with interest, if any; and,
    2. Providing all vehicles to Refuel for chip removal if applicable
  22. Provided Refuel uses reasonable care in any of its actions it shall not be liable for any damage to a vehicle, fuel tank, or delivery location.
  23. If a customer’s vehicle, fuel, fuel tank or other fuel storage location is stolen, misused, tampered with, withdrawn from program, or sold and information is not updated as per clause “3” and fuel is improperly obtained during or after delivery Customer remains responsible for all fuel costs.
  24. Customer has read and accepted the terms and conditions. Any further Customer participation in the Program constitutes complete acceptance of any changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Program.
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